Premier (minimum 80 people)

£8.50 per head

Hot Selection
Chicken Curry
Boiled rice
Potato wedges
BBQ Pork ribs
Swedish meatballs s/chilli sauce
Large Chicken skewers
Salt and pepper Sui mai
Pulled pork in piri piri
BBQ Pork ribs
Salt& Pepper ribs
20150319_161205New potatoes
Mixed flavoured Chicken Drumsticks

Cold Selection
Assorted sandwiches with various fillings
Assorted wraps with various fillings
Assorted sandwiches- Sausage rolls, Pork Pies, Scotch eggs
Luxury Deep filled quiche
Savoury cheese and sweet chilli vol au vents
Luxury gala pie
Selection of meats- Turkey, beef and ham
Selection of Indian- Spring rolls, Samosas, Onion rings and Bhajis
Seafood portions- crabsticks, prawns and mussels
Duck and orange pate

Chocolate Fudge cake
Strawberry Gateaux
Black Forest Gateaux
Selection of mini cakes
Cheeseboard and crackers
Selection of fruit portions