Funeral Menu (minimum 50 people)

(minimum 50 people)

£6.50 per head 

(under 50 people is the cold selection)

£5.00 per head 

Hot Selection
Curry& Rice
Chicken Drumsticks

aa1Cold Selection
Assorted sandwiches with various fillings
Assorted wraps with various fillings
Assorted savouries—Sausage rolls, Pork pie, Scotch egg
Luxury deep filled quiche
Savoury cheese and sweet chilli vol au vents
Luxury gala pie
Selection of meats—turkey, beef and ham
Selection of Indian—spring roll, samosas,
Onion rings and bhajis
Duck and orange pate and biscuits

Chocolate Fudge cake
Strawberry Gateaux
Black Forest Gateaux
Selection of fruit portions

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